Thursday, July 30

Week 10

This has been a tough week for me. I have been really tight since my fill and found it hard to eat certain things. On the flip side, I have not been as hungry between meals and sometimes forgot to eat. The only problem with that is once I realize I am hungry I eat too fast and have problems. Darn if I do, darn if I don't. I am sure working more hours has not helped in that I am getting home later. Since I do taxes for a living this is something I will have to figure out. There will always be deadlines and overtime until I win the lottery. So this week has been one of learning.

With that being said, I did lose 1 pound for a total of 27. I have retired several shirts since they were just too big and looked ridiculous. I got to shop in my closet this week which was nice. My pants look awful and are way to big but I have not found the kind I like yet. I figure once fall clothes start being put out I should be able to find them. David noticed that my old hourglass shape is coming back which is cool. I know I will always have my birthing hips :) but am glad I don't look so much like a woman having twins!

This week has also been plagued by a non stop sinus headache. I need to figure what I can take and knock it out. I did hear back on my blood work my internist did. My cholesterol is down and other than being Vitamin D deficient everything looks good. She said that with continued weight loss, good eating habits and exercise I should be able to get it into more normal levels.
Gosh, I sound like an old person relating all my health problems!

I think that is enough rambling on my part.


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