Friday, October 30


I never did get around to posting last week. Things have been surprisingly busy. So last week I lost 1.3 and this week I lost 3.3. Now my total is 44.8. I find this to be asolutely amazing. I will say that the only reason I lost the 3.3 this week is I have been battling a horrible cold and I just can't eat much. The drainage is just too much for my little pouch. Life is good otherwise.

Till next week


Sunday, October 18

Reached another milestone

So this week I lost 1 .2 pounds reaching 40 pounds! I was thrilled to see that number on the scale.

Another milestone happened yesterday while shopping. I needed a couple of sweaters to supplement my winter wardrobe and Avenue was having a sale. I bought sweaters in 18/20 which completely shocked me. I mean I knew I was getting smaller but seeing that size on me seemed surreal. I know that sometimes the head takes a while to catch up to the body. The whole process has been a huge learning experience and I know there is more to learn. I am ready for it!

Tomorrow I turn 36 years young. I feel that this coming year will be another fantastic one made only better with my continued weight loss.


Thursday, October 8

Time is moving fast

I lost 2 pounds this week!! That puts me 1 pound away from 40 pounds lost. How insane is that? The time just seems to be flying fast. In addition, I have now lost over 30% of my excess body weight. Sometimes it just does not seem real to me. I love it though.

So I realized last night when looking for some warmer pajamas that I don't have any!! I gave them all away in my massive closet purge! So I am heading to Walmart tonight to buy cheap jammies. Of course, the old ones I had would not have fit anyway but sometimes I forget how much I have away :)

So with an individual income tax deadline a week away who knows what this week holds. I am just grateful for today!!


Monday, October 5


I wanted to share a picture I took of Emily and I at Todd's 40th b-day celebration on 9-26.

Thursday, October 1


So today was a good day on the scale. I lost the little bit I gained last week plus TWO more pounds. I can't complain about that!!

Yes I made Emily clean her closet. However, since she hauled out 9 bags of clothes someone sure needed to lit the fire under her :)

My mom mentioned this website to track food called I have been using it this past week and it sure has been helping. I was using my journal thing but I find that the website has lots of foods on there so I think I am being more accurate in my tracking. I also like all the exercises on there. So thanks mom!!

I will admit that the gain last week sure did mess with my head. I am sure it was busy season catching up with me but boy I sure did not like it. Even with this great tool, sometimes the brain just does not cooperate. So I have struggled with not giving myself such a hard time and remembering that it was just one week in my 10+ years of struggling with my weight. Luckily for me, I have people who understand my frustration and will listen to me whine. Thanks guys!

Until next time.....