Wednesday, September 30

Time to Catch Up

Where do I begin? Since my last post so much has happened in my "banded" life. This will be my longest post to date!

I got my last fill on 9/10. My first week (9/17) after that fill I lost 5.3 pounds. I was really able to tell a big difference with this last fill. The next week (9/24) I lost 1.4 pounds. Needless to say I am THRILLED!

I started my new job on 9/28. I am very excited about it. Since I will be traveling to Austin for several weeks I will not be able to do my "normal" weekly weigh in at home. So I thought I would weigh myself the day I leave and then again when I get home.

There have been a few great things that I have experienced since my last post.

• First I had to go shopping for some pants for the new job. When I started my new banded journey I was a size 24. I had to purchase size 18! I was very happy buying the size 20 but the lady in the store made me try on the 18's because she thought the 20's were too big. Much to my surprise they fit!

• Loree helped (made me) clean out my closet, FINALLY! It was a strange experience for me. I guess in my mind I had not completely come to terms that I was never going to be that size again. I mean I never had a problem getting rid of my smaller sized clothes. To be honest, I never thought I would wear those clothes again. I never had that closet of all the different sizes I have been. So 9 trash bags later, I got rid of anything that would not fit me. Either I was able to currently able to wear it or it was too big and had to go.

• Going to see my internist for my flu shot, the standard "weigh in" was in order. I got on the scale and automatically pushed the bottom weight to 250. Within a half a second I moved it quickly back to 200. I said "wait that is not me anymore!" I was smiling from ear to ear. I just had to giggle to myself.

• Loree and I went to see Pink in concert (yes, it was an awesome show!) and for the first time my hips did not touch the arm rests as I went to sit down and I was not out of breath walking up and down the steps or around the arena.

• My first experience on an airplane since being banded. Now this was amazing. I was able to actually fit in the seat just fine. When I buckled myself in the thought of having to ask for an extension never crossed my mind. Now, I had never had to ask for an extension but the last time I was on a plane, in January, I thought I may have had to (I am still not sure how it actually buckled). Not only was I able to buckle the belt, there was enough room for me the actually tighten it! I could not believe it. Once I pulled the belt through I had at least 6 inches of the belt in my hand. It was amazing! I was also able to cross my legs at the knee. In the past I was only able to cross them at my calf. Half of my leg was in the isle. This time it was not the case! The reality of my banded life hit me square in the eyes! I am sure the lady that was sitting next to me wondered why I had tears in my eyes. It was just overwhelming to me.

When I started my new banded life I sat down with Todd and tried to set some goals for my weight loss. My bench mark was Todd's birthday (9/26). My goal was to be down a total of 30 pounds. I came close at 28.9. My second bench mark is Christmas, I hope to be down a total of 50 pounds and my last one I made was to be down a total of 80 pounds at my 1 year anniversary since the surgery.

I hope having to eat out for every meal while I am traveling does not reflect on the scale! The good part is since I am in downtown Austin, I am walking everywhere!

I have several pictures I will post, hopefully this weekend.

Until next time...(since I am not sure if it will be weekly right now...)


Friday, September 25

Week 18

Well, this week I gained a bit. Not happy about that but just going to refocus my efforts. I did bike 3 times this week so I am happy about that.

Yesterday was a mess. Ashleigh had a VCUG done and my eating schedule got completely out of whack. I had trouble all day and will be doing liquids today since my throat is agitated. It does not help I have sinus drainage going on and that always gives me trouble. So I will just keep plugging along knowing that next week will be better!


Sunday, September 20

Finally, time to post

Let's get to the nitty gritty. I lost one pound this week so my total is 35 POUNDS!! I also went in on Friday for a fill and lost 5 pounds this month on their scale. The physicians assistant and I decided to forgo a fill this month. I feel that those last couple of weeks of busy season I got out of touch with my stomach. I was eating when I shouldn't and was making bad choices so I want a month to figure out if I really need another one. I am sure I will but we shall see. The good thing is that if I decide I need one, I can call and they will fit me in so it is not like I have to go another month.

On to busy season (yes this will be a looonnngggg post). When I compare this one to my busy seasons in the past, I know I was less stressed. I can tell you when the stress hit I got tighter! I had read that could happen and I know for me it will. I was definitely making poor choices but I was not doing that everyday or else I would not have lost any weight. I feel that overall I did pretty well but there is definitely room for improvement. We were ordering out for lunch and dinner so it was somewhat difficult to eat what I should have been. I was also eating way too long and need to cut that back to 30 minutes.

I did find that this busy season I physically felt better. I did not get that absolute exhausted feeling until the last week. I did have to bump up my caffeine intake but I still did not get anywhere near the levels I would ingest before. For me, I feel that is a big step forward! I quit biking about two weeks before the deadline and I need to start that up again. The doctor wants you to exercise and I know it helps me overall so I plan on getting back to it.

On to clothes, Avenue finally got in their black pants so I was able to buy some that actually fit. I have gone down two sizes since the surgery and was elated to find them. I wear black pants to work pretty much everyday since it has been so long since I felt comfortable in anything else. I am looking forward to being able to buy clothes in a "normal" store. I might just buy something other than black :)

While at the aftercare center, the PA mentioned they have two goals for banded patients. One, to lose 35% of your excess weight in six months. Second, to lose 50% of your excess weight in a year. She mentioned I am on track for both. She said they check on it so that if you are struggling, they can address it and get you back on track. She also gave me a cup that holds 1/2 cup of food and told me this should be my entire meal. Of course, I told her I go by the 4-6 ounces of protein and she admitted that 6 ounces of protein would be more than 1/2 cup. She said it was a guide and a visual cue to help us not overeat. I will certainly start putting my food in there before I put it on my plate. However, I am not going to fret if I eat more than that. My main goal is to get 60 grams of protein a day. I find that if I focus on that, everything else falls into place.

So all in all, it was an interesting last couple of weeks. I can tell you that this is the fifth busy season in the 12 years (24 seasons) I have been doing taxes that I did not gain weight. I know that one day the no weight gain seasons will be larger than the weight gain seasons! All that really matters is that every pound off is adding more minutes, hours and days to my life. I have such a wonderful life I don't want to leave it before I am good and ready!!!


Monday, September 14

So Close I Can Taste It (no pun intended)

I weighed myself before I was to go in for my scheduled fill. I had gained .8 this last week. Being at home is more difficult then I realized. I do not have my set schedule for my meals like I did while I was working. I do however have enough work around the house to keep me busy but that does not always stop me from snacking.

I went in on Thursday for my 4th fill. I think I am so close to my sweet spot that I can almost taste it! According to their records I lost 4 pounds for the month. They were very pleased with that. They gave me another .4 fill. My total is 6.3 now. I asked the nurse what the average fill was and she said that in all the time that she had been there that she had not seen anyone go more than 7.0.

She also provided me a new “tool” that they are going to give all patients. It was a measuring cup, a ½ cup to be exact. When we were talking she asked me if that was the amount of food I was eating at one meal…hmmm…NO. I said I was eating like 3 of those easily, if not more to be honest!

My current goal is to start really paying attention to my “time” when I eat. They suggest that you only eat your meal for 20 minutes. That is suppose to give your brain enough time to catch up with what you have eaten and tells yourself that you are full. They also suggest that you eat a bit and then wait for 1 minute before you take another bit.

My next project before I start my new job is to clean out my closet! That is once I am done with all my other “projects”!

Until Thursday…


Friday, September 11

Making progress

I lost a pound this week. Working 12+ hours but with post more after 9/15.


Thursday, September 3

Every Little Bit Helps

This week I lost .1 pounds...being at home has its challenges. While I was working, I drank my breakfast, ate lunch and would never have time to think about a snack or anything. Being at home is a different story. I hope to do better next week. Just another new way of thinking for me.

This past weekend and several times this week I have been working in the yard and much to my surprise I have not had the need/want to stop. Yes, I have a nice farmers tan, but to be honest my arms needed it!

I am scheduled to go in again on Thursday, 9/10. I will be curious to see what my months loss will be according to them. I am not sure if I will need another fill or not.

Until Thursday...


A good week

This has been a pretty good week. I lost 1.8 pounds. I think my band tightened up a bit due to stress so I never got hungry. I ate because I knew I should. We will see how this week goes leading up to 9/15. I would say more but I need to get back to work :)


Tuesday, September 1

Does this count as a NSV?

I think it will. When I cleaned out my closet all those weeks ago, I put my panties in ziplock bags with the size on them. I figured that way I would not have to dig for a certain size later. So this morning I am thinking, let me try that smaller size and just see. THEY FIT! How cool is that??

I am in desparate need of pants and just saw the store I like best has the fall colors out. Yoohoo! Time to get me a pair of pants that fit. I will just buy a couple pair and most likely a couple pair in the next size down. I don't want to have to wait to find them again.

I am happy with how my weight loss has been going. I just love my band!