Tuesday, December 29


I thought I would do an update since I missed it last week. I was up a pound on Thursday. I know it was entirely due to poor food choices. I accept responsibility for that pound. That being said, it will come back off and soon. I have had a wonderful time during the holidays but it is time to get my butt in gear. First order of business is making better food choices. So that is my goal for the January. Depending on how January goes, I will then set a goal for February.

On another note, I am grateful for all my blessings of the year. I look forward to all the challenges coming my way in 2010. I know with my family and friends I will succeed in whatever I put my mind to.


Friday, December 18

Playing Catch Up

(I wrote this 4 weeks ago…I will get caught up someday!)
So it has been 2 months since my last fill. I lost 11.6 pounds these last two months! It was a very informative appointment. My total “excess” weight is 95.5 pounds! OUCH, that kind of hurts to put that out there. The goal is to loose 1/3 (31.5 %) of your excess weight by your 6 month anniversary, it is just around the corner. I have lost 32.6%! I am feeling so good lately and I know it is because of my weight loss. To date I have lost 37.1 pounds.

There are several physical changes as well. My wedding ring is too big but I will not get it resized until am at the point where I need to be with my weight. I have gone from a size 24 to a size 16. I really need to purchase some essentials; my bra and panties are looking ridicules on me now! I am trying not to go shopping that much because I know the size I purchase will only be temporary. Todd and Grace are looking forward to me purchasing clothes that actually fit me. Todd asked me not to purchase clothes that look like a potato sack anymore and Grace would love for me to wear fancier clothes. Crossing my legs is an automatic thing for me now. There is something about being able to do it comfortably now.

Short term goals for me right now are to eat for 20 minutes a meal, to take a bite every 60 minutes instead of back to back. Exercise. Loose another 12.9 pounds before the New Year.

Here is the picture of me cleaning out my closet as well as the 9 trash bags of clothes I had to get rid of. To be honest, I probably have another bag of clothes to get rid of too!

{having issues...will add later}

A few experiences that I had while I was in Austin…

Trash Cans

So I experienced for the first time, needing to quickly find somewhere to get sick after lunch. I had gotten sick in the restaurant and made it to the bathroom in plenty of time. So I thought I would be just fine to leave. No need to stick around just to use the bathroom. As we start to walk down the street, I get the feeling! I am looking frantically for a place that I can run into to use their bathroom. Don't forget this is down town Austin and everyone locks their bathrooms around here! Well the next best thing was a nice big, green, stinky trash can. Thank goodness I let everyone walk ahead of me so only a select few strangers had to actually witness it!

3rd person I have seen today...

So this shirt is on my back for the last time! I was walking out of the bathroom and a woman who works on the same floor said "You are the third person I have seen on this floor that is pregnant!" (I can only confirm one since we work in the same office and she is due in 2 months) I just smiled and said, "Yep, it must be in the water". I wonder how far along she thought I looked. I came into the office and I knew Trudy would be honest. I asked her, if looking at me from the side, if I looked pregnant. She said “yeah, that shirt is way too big on you.”

So see you later shirt, you have been good to me but it is time we part ways!

PS, these jeans have to go too! I can not stand them falling off my waist anymore!

Here is a picture of Loree and I at the Pink concert in September

Until next time

Thursday, December 17

Tea Party

Lorene and I at the 2009 Tea.

Lorene and I at the 2008 Tea.

So this past weekend I went to my Annual Christmas Tea with my favorite ladies and had a wonderful time. I thought it would be interesting to look at a picture from last year next to this year. I can not belive how different I look. I am grateful that this great group of ladies has been so supportive during my journey! I had no problem with the little sandwhiches and chewed very small bites. We had fun with our dirty santa gift exchange.

I lost .8 pounds this week. I can tell things are slowing down but I am also aware it is all up to me to get more exercise to jump start the body again. I also am thankful that I am still losing since I firmly believe every little bit gets me closer to the end goal.

I tend to get emotional this time of year. I definitely had post family visit depression after they all left last week. I look forward to our annual gathering so much that when it is over I get down in the dumps. This year was no exception. I do think I did not get as mopey as usual and part of that was not feeling bad about my weight. Now don't get me wrong, I am still dealing with issues/emotions regarding my weight but at least I did not shy away from the camera. I know for a fact that I had more energy than in past years which came in handy when chasing my nephews around. I can only imagine what next year will be like!!!

Until next time

Monday, December 7

Experiencing being too tight

Life has been pretty busy. Since my last post I am happy to report that I reached 50 pounds lost!!!! I am currently 51.9 down which is fantastic.

I got a fill of .4 on November 12th. I fought with it for three weeks before finally deciding that it was too much and I needed some taken out. So last Tuesday on December 1st I had them take .2cc out leaving me with 5.2cc in a 10cc band. It was astonishing how much better I felt after taking that little bit out. Being too tight was not fun and I was having trouble getting enough nutrition. I certainly don't want to compromise my health which is why I went for an unfill. The whole point of the lapband was not just to lose weight but to get healthy!

I also had to clean on my closet again. I gave away summer clothes which were too big. I also got rid of some pants. All in all I am happy to be able to shop in my old clothes.

Until next time

Sunday, December 6

An Updated Post to Come Soon...

I know I have a lot to catch up on, I just don't want it to be a novel! I hope to post tonight after our Girl Scout meeting.