Tuesday, July 7

Happy Girl this Morning

I thought I better get caught up on my updates since last week I did not post anything. I was too cranky to post. It was that time of the month for me and I was UP 2.3 pounds. I did not like that at all.

This morning I got on the scale and I was very pleased with what I saw. I "officially" weigh in on Thursdays so I won't count today, but I was happy.

As many of you know I was doing weight watchers last year from March until September. I lost +/- 30 pounds (I would have to find my chart to be exact). Well anyway, I remember where I was on the scale when I started to wear a smaller size. You see my dear friend, Kristina, kept telling me that my pants were too baggy. So I finally went and bought a smaller size. I remember the moment I was standing in the dressing room, hoping they would fit without me doing the zipper dance or having my top belly roll falling over (I have two belly rolls, one that is above my belly button and another below it). Much to my surprise they fit perfectly!

Fast forward to this morning. I got on the scale, very please with what I saw, and remembered this was the weight I was, when I bought the smaller size. The walk from my bathroom to my closet seemed to be a long one this morning. Do I dare try them on and see if I can squeeze into them, what if they are too tight, what if my top belly roll hangs over, and will I perform the zipper dance? All these questions went through my head in that short walk. Much to my surprise they fit perfectly again!

Hopefully this will be the last time I have to wear these pants, and this size again.

I am looking forward to my next fill on July 16th. I can tell you that the one thing that is definitely different after my first fill, is that I do get sick more. I still feel like my stomach is a bottomless pit. I do not feel much restriction. Hopefully the 2nd fill will help with that.

Until Thursday…


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Kristina with a K said...

Yay no zipper dances! I'm so proud of you! :)