Tuesday, July 21

Second Fill

Yesterday morning I went in for my second fill. She went aggressive and put 1cc in the band so I now have 5cc. Once again, just a little pinch and she was done. I did notice with this one that I feel tighter. I was able to get the cup of water down but struggled the rest of the day to slow down when drinking. On Sunday I could guzzle my water and with this fill I am back to sipping. I did worry we might have put too much in since I got sick twice yesterday but this morning I think it is just me not doing what I am supposed to. I figure it will get better once any swelling goes down.

The pros say you are too tight after a fill if you can't get any fluids down, you have heartburn, gastric reflux or cough when you lay down at night. With that in mind I figure I am okay. We will see once I start eating mushy food tomorrow. My online support group has lots of stories of people tying to ride out the tightness and eventually having to get a large unfill. I am not going to suffer that long and figure once I start solid food again if it is still giving me problems I will have them take a little out. I don't want to go backwards!


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