Sunday, June 28

Oh man!

So I had that experience where my food comes back up from eating too fast and not chewing enough. I have to say I will do everything I can to NOT have that happen again.

One benefit of not being able to use my right hand is that I am forced to eat with my left hand. Since my left hand does not work as good as my right, I find that eating with the left hand does slow my eating down.....most of the time or else we would not have had that episode.

As always, I am learning how to use my band to achieve my weight loss goals. It is a journey and I believe there will always be more to learn. I am just so glad that I have such good support for the journey.


Thursday, June 25

What a Differance a Week Makes

Having my fill on Thursday was what I was waiting for...right? That is what I kept telling myself. Everything was going a little easier then I thought. People say that sometimes it may take up to a week to really get the full effects of a fill. For the first several days I thought those "people" were crazy, then came Monday! Those people also say that once you get sick (by the way it is not at all like you think) you will know what that little feeling feels like before you are about to get sick. Once again those "people" are right! No need to gross you out will all the details, but I now know when to stop, slow down and chew really well!

This week I am down 6.6 pounds! I am really happy with that since I gained last week. I have lost a total of 14.5 pounds.

I think this weekend I will be getting ride of this size that I am currently wearing and move down one size...


Rough week

This has been a rough week for me. I had surgery Tuesday on my right hand so this post will be short. Even with the surgery messing up my schedule I managed to lose 1.5 pounds for a total to date of 18 pounds. I am thrilled and know this slow and steady is best!!

Loree (the left handed typer)

Thursday, June 18

3rd Time is a Charm!

I had the first fill this afternoon. It was OK, she had a hard time finding the port, then she thought she did, but once she got the needle in she realized it was NOT the port. I made sure to ask if they ever used a sonogram type machine to help, since I could tell she was having a hard time. You know having someone push on all your organs is not always the most comforatable feeling. She took me into the room to get the x-ray, found it, NO WHERE NEAR what we thought. She put the needle in but could not reach the port. So she changed to a long needle, tried again, with the help of the x-ray machine and FOUND IT. Stuck me for the 3rd time and injected 1.5cc of fluid!

So I am at a 4.5cc's.

I go back July 16th for my next fill.

Hopefully it will go a little smoother next time.


Weekly update and fill experience

I had a good week even with retreat. I find that writing my food daily helps me stay in my calorie range and get enough protein. I lost 3 pounds this week for a total of 16.5 over 5 weeks. I am so pleased with this and it is encouraging me to continue with the process. I have biked twice this week and will continue to make it a priority.

I had my first fill this morning. The staff at the aftercare center were so nice. They explained everything since it was my first one. The PA asked me if I wanted a numbing shot but I passed. I hardly felt her put the needle in me. I more felt her putting pressure on my tummy to find the port. She pulled all the fluid out and put it back in with another 1cc so I have 4cc total. The actual fill part took maybe two minutes. Nuts! They say it can take a week to really feel the affects of the fill so it will be interesting to see what I feel like next week!


Not a Good Week...

So this week was not a good one for me. I was up on the scale. To be honest I am not giving it much thought right now because I know what I did and did not do. I have other things on my mind.

I go this afternoon to get my first fill. I am ready, excited and nervous too. Right now I feel like I can eat anything (and I think the scale showed that). My concerns are have I already stretched out my "new" stomach? Am I going to take small enough bites, will I chew my food long enough, will I really be able NOT drink anything with my meals. When I get sick, which I know I will, will I have enough time to make it to the bathroom.

I am not worried about any pain, if there is any. I have a high tolerance for pain so no worries there.

I do not want to fail! I am tired of failing!


Wednesday, June 17

Random thoughts

First - I don't know if anyone has noticed the inspirations on the right hand side but I added one today. I saw this and TOTALLY related. DON'T give up on what you want MOST for what you want NOW. I mean for anyone who has ever "dieted" could that be anymore true. Even with the band I can make bad choices and eat foods that are not good for me. I am sure I will have good days and bad but I will do the best I can.

Second - so I am seeing even more NSV. What I am truly amazed by is how with this small weight loss I already feel more confident. I find I am walking down the hall at work with a little more pep in my stride. I know I am a beautiful person inside and out but being obese wears your self confidence away. I am glad to see some of it come back.

Third - I am very very very nervous about my fill tomorrow. I am not worried so much about pain or anything but just how it will go. The procedure of it all.

Fourth - A friend and co-worker is home sick this week. She has MS and it is flaring up on her. She works so hard to stay healthy that sometimes I almost forget she has this horrible disease. Now while I realize being fat does not cause MS, it does make me pause and chide myself for abusing my body all these years. I can not make up for past actions but I can strive to follow Linda's example of taking care of myself. Life is short so I encourage you to do the same.

Well, I think that is all the soul bearing I can handle tonight. For all those struggling with any and all problems, keep the faith. Tomorrow is a new day!

Sunday, June 14

What is a Lap Band Fill?

The Lap-Band System is a silicone ring designed to create a new smaller stomach pouch that can hold less food while maintaining a sense of fullness. The band controls the stoma (stomach outlet) between the new upper pouch and the lower part of the stomach, regulating the flow of the food. The surgeon can change the stoma size by adding or subtracting saline inside the inner balloon through the access port. This adjustment process, known as a fill, helps drive the rate of weight loss.

Tomorrow is a New Day!

This weekend Loree and I went to our favorite scrapbook retreat place. The food there is incredible! Needless to say I ate too much food, did not always make the best choices, and now feeling regret.

Tomorrow is a new day!


Thursday, June 11

1 more pound

I would be lying if I told you I was not a little disappointed that I lost 1 pound this week. However, I am grateful for that 1 pound. As Emily said, every pound counts. I looked back at what I had been eating this week and I know I am going to have to focus on reducing my fat. It is somewhat hard right now since most mushy foods are high calorie. I also need to get my butt on the treadmill. This is such a learning process and I realize it will take time so today I am going to focus on the positive of gaining more of my life and health back from losing 1 pound!!!

Every 0.1 Pound Counts

I am happy to say that I was down this week, .1 pound. Now, yes I know that does not seem like a lot to some people but to me, to date I have lost 11 pounds in 4 weeks!

We went to the support group last night and I am glad I did. It was great to hear other peoples experiences.

We go next week, on the 18th to get the first fill! I am excited but after some of the things I heard last night, I am also a little nervous but I am looking forward to the experience.


Monday, June 8

Non Scale Victory

I had been noticing some non scale victories (NSV) lately. My pants seem to be a little bit looser. Plus I pulled out some pjs that were too tight before and they fit fine last night. These are definitely the things that make the process worth it. No matter what the scale does, my clothes fitting better is a great feeling.

Another NSV is that I am not taking naps on Saturday and Sunday. My naps had become a very regular habit but now I find I am not tired enough to need them. I am not sure why this is happening but I will take it. It leaves me more time to spend with David and Ashleigh.

It will be interesting to see what other changes I notice over the next couple of months.

Thursday, June 4

Panic has Come & Gone

Thank goodness my wave of panic has come and gone. I got on the scale this morning and was DOWN 1.2 pounds!

I am glad to report that my water intake with my meals is getting so much better! Just to let some of you know, water with lemon is my favorite drink. Some of my friends say I drink an unusual amount of water. Even Grace gave me a "Mom's favorite things" for Mother's Day and she listed my favorite drink as ice water.

Weigh day

So I was thrilled to see the number on the scale this morning. I lost 2.5 pounds. I am so glad to be going down on the scale. My goal is to continue to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week. That way it will come off the healthy way and my skin might have some time to tighten up. Did I mention I was thrilled??

Wednesday, June 3

Small step

I have been telling myself for days I need to get on the treadmill and start working on walking everyday. So last night I was determined to get on that blasted machine. I am proud to say that not only did I get on the treadmill but I managed to walk for 30 minutes. Now, I was not walking very fast but that will come with time. I have to remember that this whole journey is not a sprint but a marathon.

Tuesday, June 2

A Wave of Panic

I am trying to only weigh myself once a week, on Thursdays. Sometimes I just can not help myself. Well this morning I got on it and I WAS UP 0.9 pounds! Now, yes I know, it is not that much but it is still something, going the wrong way! I can sit here and make all the excuses but the truth is I need to be more aware of my food intake. How much protein and fiber I am getting, how many calories I am eating.

As I was driving to work I was thinking about what I need to do to make the band work for me. I know from experience that "journaling" my food works in my favor.

So as I try to continually work on reducing my water intake with my meals, I will start journaling my meals and logging my activity/exercise.