Sunday, May 31

Cleaning frenzy

So last weekend while at home, I watched a lot of Clean House. While our house is pretty organized, I knew my closet was a mess and needed some help. I also saw on the bandster message boards that organizing your closet helps you shop your closet as you lose weight. So yesterday afternoon I got on a cleaning frenzy. Four large bags of clothes, shoes and purses later, I am proud to say my closet is looking good. An added bonus, I found some really fine clothes two sizes down!

I do think I over exerted myself. I was starting to get some discomfort at one of my incisions so today I am going to rest and make some soup for lunches this week.

Friday, May 29

Finally Satisfied

I have officially logged my weight loss in a nice neat chart. I started this chart the week I started with the pre-op diet. I guess technically the first week (5/14-5/21) I lost 3.6 pound (5/21-5/28) I lost 6.1 (one week after being "banded")! So since I started this journey, 9.7 pounds gone! I am very happy with that!

Last night I was struggling with the fact that I was not feeling "satisfied". I started thinking I needed to have a "fill" already. Is this possible, I am not scheduled for my first "fill" until June 18th!

Today was the first time I started eating "mushy" food. Much to my surprise after my cup of soup for lunch and a 1/2 baked potato (which I could not eat all of), I was satisfied! That is a great feeling. I was not "stuffed" and I did not feel sick, just happy to feel satisfied.

I know I will continue to struggle with drinking while I eat or drinking too much water (yes that is my favorite beverage of choice) too soon/after my meal. But in time I will be fine.

I am very happy with the choice I made to get the Lap Band. Yes, the first few days were hard but I only have the future ahead of me and I looking forward to what my future holds!


Thursday, May 28

One week post surgery

I have made it through seven days of liquids!!! I was pretty nervous getting on the scale this morning not sure what to expect. Thursdays will be my weigh days since that is the day of my surgery. So...drum roll please....I lost 10 pounds!! Must be the liquids. I will be starting mushy foods soon and know my calories will go up so I don't expect to have that kind of result next week but I am grateful for every pound that comes off. That is one more pound off and lots more life!!

Wednesday, May 27

Rocking chair huh?

So last night I started to feel a gas bubble under my sternum. Another common problem from having stomach surgery. So I slept maybe 3 or 4 hours due to the pain this bubble was causing. I walked as much as I could during the day to try and work it out. I was walking circles around my living room when my mom called. She mentioned that some ladies she knows mentioned rocking to move the gas. So I did. I probably rocked 30 minutes to an hour. While I still feel some gas it certainly is better. I don't know if it was the rocking, the walking or just someone cutting me some slack but I am grateful. All I know is I will be doing it again tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 26

and the day was going so well..(men - gross alert)

So David and I went to see Star Trek today (loved it). I took my water with me to sip on and David got a Mr. Pibb. I got lucky in that no one had popcorn so no suffering from the smell. It was nice to go out with him and see a movie we both really wanted to see.

So onto the GROSS STUFF.

I have picked up Ashleigh, changing into my pj's and BAM, I appear to be starting my monthly cycle one week early. What, wait, seriously!! Why me?? Little known fact they forgot to mention - it is not unusual for females to begin their periods after surgery. That totally sucks. My question is, will I have to do this again next week??????


I think I jinxed myself by saying I thought the worst was over...So we have been put on a liquid diet until Saturday. We have been drinking these protein shakes (that the advertisers say how wonderful the taste is. I call BS!) for almost 2 weeks. I tried the best I could to drink one at lunch and I just can't get them down anymore. The smell turns my stomach.

I had to run a few errands at lunch so I treated myself to my favorite drink, Chick-fil-a's diet lemonade and un-sweet tea, mixed together. It is the best!

I also swung by Tom Thumb to get some soup since I could not drink the shake. When I got back to the office and I was ready to eat my soup but NO I couldn't do it because I drank too much! Again!

THEN this guy brought in McDonald's, and all I could smell was the french fries! I thought I was going to jump out the window (no need to worry we work on the first floor).

So it looks like I will be eating soup, again, for dinner tonight!

5 days and counting...

Well I think the worst part is over. I had the surgery on Thursday, Friday morning was OK but by Friday night I thought I made the biggest mistake. I am still not sure if the pain I was feeling was hunger or gas but whatever it was, it passed. After several minutes of vomiting, only clear liquids thank goodness, I felt better.

Monday, Grace and I went to run a few errands. Is it terrible that as I sat and watched her eat a cheese pizza I squirted mustard on a fork and ate it?

Being hungry like I am is terrible. I hope these next few days will move along quickly so I can start eating the "mushie" foods on Saturday!

I am back at work today and feeling good, still hungry, but good. I am trying not to watch the clock to see when I can drink another shake.

Monday, May 25

4 days out

So I am in my fifth day post surgery. I am definitely feeling the hungries. Apparantely this happens once the swelling goes down. Being on a liquid diet is tough. Ashleigh was eating some crackers and I just wanted one...just one. I managed to refrain. I will just have to tough it out.

Saturday, May 23

Yikes, what did we get into?

So last night I got behind on taking my pain medication. I was hurting so bad I was ready to go to the hospital and have them take the band out. Plus, I was uncomfortable from the gas. Geez, what did we get into? Once I was able to lay down and the pain meds kicked in, I started to feel better. I managed to pretty much sleep through the night. I only got up twice so I feel rested this morning. I plan on taking it easy, doing my walking (to keep getting the gas out) and focusing on drinking enough protein. I am ready to feel normal again.

Friday, May 22

Hunger or Gas?

So I had my first breakdown! Are these pains from hunger or gas? Have you ever been so hungry before that it is painful? This is the first time I have ever had so much air pumped into my body, so I have no idea what pain feels like... All I know is that I am ready for whatever it is to pass. I will eat my yougut while I walk around. Hopefully this pain will pass soon...

About this blog

Emily and I have been best friends going on 9 years. We have both struggled with our weight so many years. We have done all the diets, all the plans and finally decided that lapband was the way to go for us. We considered having this procedure for two years and just this spring circumstances arose for us to have it done. So on Thursday, May, 21st early in the morning we both had the surgery. Emily went first (well she is 5 months older than me) and I went right after. We thought a blog about our experiences with the band and our journey would be beneficial for our family and friends. We appreciate all the support we have received from everyone.