Saturday, January 16


I lost .2 pounds this week. I am happy with this. I also made my goal and did all my exercising. I am already starting to get that feeling after I work out that makes me want to do more. My knee seems to be holding up pretty good. So this next week will be more of the same with me working on increasing the amount of time I spend doing My Fitness Coach.

So one reason I know my knee is holding up better is I did some retail therapy last week after an all day CPE class. I bought some new boots. While in the store they felt pretty comfy so I went for it. I knew they were higher than my current boots but it was not until several days later that I actually measured the heel. These boots are 3 inches high. Whoa, I had no idea. What really tickles me pink is that I can wear them all day and my feet or knee do not hurt!!!!! Wearing these shoes would never had crossed my mind before the surgery. It would have been too dangerous. This just rocks!!!

Another interesting thing that happened this past week is I met someone who has had the band since July of 2007. We talked and she told me how she lost 67 pounds only to have a slip and gain it all back. After talking with her I am more determined than ever to make sure
I do not get too much fluid in that band.

I am continuing to plan better and eating 4 days a week at the office during lunch.

Until next time

Saturday, January 9

Interesting week

First for the good news, I lost .9 pounds this week. Now the not so good news, I went to a CPE seminar yesterday and had trouble with the lunch they provided. I had the pleasure of losing lunch in the bathroom while several other people were taking care of business. So the lesson I have learned is to always make sure I have something to snack on at those types of events.

I made my goal for the week of exercising three days. I did enjoy using the My Fitness Coach fame and should be able to keep that up.

So I am looking forward to achieving my exercise goal again this week.

Until later

Sunday, January 3

Last week of the year

So this Thursday was not only the last day of the year but also weigh day. I was down a pound so I lost that one I had gained the week before. My total weight loss since surgery is 53.9 pounds. I am proud of this accomplishment and look forward to continued success in 2010.

Most people make resolutions at New Years. I have decided to set a goal/resolution for each month so I can reach those goals. For January, I resolve to exercise 3 times a week for at least 5 minutes. To accomplish this I plan on using the Wii fit I gave myself at Christmas. I will let you know how I did at the end of the month.

Until next week