Thursday, November 19

Good Morning

It certainly is a good morning. I finally remembered to let you know about my latest progress. Since my last post, I have lost 3.6 pounds for a total of 48.4. I am thrilled to be so close to meeting my first big goal. I put on some 18 pants the other day by accident and I could zip them up. I even wore them all day!! They were uncomfortable when I sat but I was not miserable. Amazing to me that in 6 months I have come so far.

I got a fill last Tuesday of .4cc so I am now at 5.4cc in my band. I have been struggling with this fill. Partly due to how tight I feel and partly to me having to adjust. I have been biking this week now that life seems to have calmed down. I know that exercise is the key to reaching my goal weight so I am really trying to get back in the habit. Plus it just makes me feel good.

My family is coming for Christmas in a couple of weeks. I know it is early but it is the only time we could get the entire family together. My brother keeps telling me he can't wait to see how great I look. I can't wait to show him!! He has been a great cheerleader through this entire process which will make it extra special to show off :)

I am also ready to take some holiday and family pictures where I am comfortable in how I look and not be ashamed of how fat I am. I cherish the pictures of me with my family and friends but have always said I wish I was not so big. Well, now I feel like I can relax and enjoy the moment. How sweet will that be?!?!