Thursday, July 16

This Time Smooth Sailing

Today was my second fill. It went a lot smoother then last time. I still wonder if I should get a “dot” tattoo though. I was down, over 5 pounds for the month. For me that is good. This past month I have been all over the place. The nurse kept telling me that she was pleased, “we like to see a loss of 4-8 pounds a month, so you are doing really well”. To be honest I would have liked to have been down more.

I got another 1.00 cc this time so my total is 5.50cc now. My band is filled just over half! It only holds a total of 10 ccs. I am hoping that I will be able to feel the restriction. I am on liquids for today and tomorrow and then on to the “mushy” phase for the next two days, then back to my new normal.

Unlike, Loree, I did not go see Dr. B. I knew my incisions had healed fine and to be honest I did not have the time away from work to go. This is the same for my carpal tunnel surgery last week. Why waste time to have my doctor remove my stitches when I was capable?

Yesterday I had a first! I had my lunch and did not get a drink until I was leaving! That was HUGE for me, not drinking before, during or right after a meal.

My plan for pictures is to take one every eight weeks in the same clothes I was wearing on the morning of surgery and in the same poses. I will be taking my pictures today so I can see my “transformation”. I want to post my pictures that I took on the day of surgery so you can see where I really started. I am not sure if I am really ready to post those yet. You see I was wearing shorts and a sports bra and I took a front, side, back and side view… enough said.

My next fill appointment is August 7th. I will be curious what my weight loss will be three weeks and 1 day from today.


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Kristina with a K said...

You can do it! We're not here to judge! :) xo