Thursday, June 25

What a Differance a Week Makes

Having my fill on Thursday was what I was waiting for...right? That is what I kept telling myself. Everything was going a little easier then I thought. People say that sometimes it may take up to a week to really get the full effects of a fill. For the first several days I thought those "people" were crazy, then came Monday! Those people also say that once you get sick (by the way it is not at all like you think) you will know what that little feeling feels like before you are about to get sick. Once again those "people" are right! No need to gross you out will all the details, but I now know when to stop, slow down and chew really well!

This week I am down 6.6 pounds! I am really happy with that since I gained last week. I have lost a total of 14.5 pounds.

I think this weekend I will be getting ride of this size that I am currently wearing and move down one size...


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