Thursday, June 18

Weekly update and fill experience

I had a good week even with retreat. I find that writing my food daily helps me stay in my calorie range and get enough protein. I lost 3 pounds this week for a total of 16.5 over 5 weeks. I am so pleased with this and it is encouraging me to continue with the process. I have biked twice this week and will continue to make it a priority.

I had my first fill this morning. The staff at the aftercare center were so nice. They explained everything since it was my first one. The PA asked me if I wanted a numbing shot but I passed. I hardly felt her put the needle in me. I more felt her putting pressure on my tummy to find the port. She pulled all the fluid out and put it back in with another 1cc so I have 4cc total. The actual fill part took maybe two minutes. Nuts! They say it can take a week to really feel the affects of the fill so it will be interesting to see what I feel like next week!


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