Thursday, June 18

3rd Time is a Charm!

I had the first fill this afternoon. It was OK, she had a hard time finding the port, then she thought she did, but once she got the needle in she realized it was NOT the port. I made sure to ask if they ever used a sonogram type machine to help, since I could tell she was having a hard time. You know having someone push on all your organs is not always the most comforatable feeling. She took me into the room to get the x-ray, found it, NO WHERE NEAR what we thought. She put the needle in but could not reach the port. So she changed to a long needle, tried again, with the help of the x-ray machine and FOUND IT. Stuck me for the 3rd time and injected 1.5cc of fluid!

So I am at a 4.5cc's.

I go back July 16th for my next fill.

Hopefully it will go a little smoother next time.


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