Wednesday, September 30

Time to Catch Up

Where do I begin? Since my last post so much has happened in my "banded" life. This will be my longest post to date!

I got my last fill on 9/10. My first week (9/17) after that fill I lost 5.3 pounds. I was really able to tell a big difference with this last fill. The next week (9/24) I lost 1.4 pounds. Needless to say I am THRILLED!

I started my new job on 9/28. I am very excited about it. Since I will be traveling to Austin for several weeks I will not be able to do my "normal" weekly weigh in at home. So I thought I would weigh myself the day I leave and then again when I get home.

There have been a few great things that I have experienced since my last post.

• First I had to go shopping for some pants for the new job. When I started my new banded journey I was a size 24. I had to purchase size 18! I was very happy buying the size 20 but the lady in the store made me try on the 18's because she thought the 20's were too big. Much to my surprise they fit!

• Loree helped (made me) clean out my closet, FINALLY! It was a strange experience for me. I guess in my mind I had not completely come to terms that I was never going to be that size again. I mean I never had a problem getting rid of my smaller sized clothes. To be honest, I never thought I would wear those clothes again. I never had that closet of all the different sizes I have been. So 9 trash bags later, I got rid of anything that would not fit me. Either I was able to currently able to wear it or it was too big and had to go.

• Going to see my internist for my flu shot, the standard "weigh in" was in order. I got on the scale and automatically pushed the bottom weight to 250. Within a half a second I moved it quickly back to 200. I said "wait that is not me anymore!" I was smiling from ear to ear. I just had to giggle to myself.

• Loree and I went to see Pink in concert (yes, it was an awesome show!) and for the first time my hips did not touch the arm rests as I went to sit down and I was not out of breath walking up and down the steps or around the arena.

• My first experience on an airplane since being banded. Now this was amazing. I was able to actually fit in the seat just fine. When I buckled myself in the thought of having to ask for an extension never crossed my mind. Now, I had never had to ask for an extension but the last time I was on a plane, in January, I thought I may have had to (I am still not sure how it actually buckled). Not only was I able to buckle the belt, there was enough room for me the actually tighten it! I could not believe it. Once I pulled the belt through I had at least 6 inches of the belt in my hand. It was amazing! I was also able to cross my legs at the knee. In the past I was only able to cross them at my calf. Half of my leg was in the isle. This time it was not the case! The reality of my banded life hit me square in the eyes! I am sure the lady that was sitting next to me wondered why I had tears in my eyes. It was just overwhelming to me.

When I started my new banded life I sat down with Todd and tried to set some goals for my weight loss. My bench mark was Todd's birthday (9/26). My goal was to be down a total of 30 pounds. I came close at 28.9. My second bench mark is Christmas, I hope to be down a total of 50 pounds and my last one I made was to be down a total of 80 pounds at my 1 year anniversary since the surgery.

I hope having to eat out for every meal while I am traveling does not reflect on the scale! The good part is since I am in downtown Austin, I am walking everywhere!

I have several pictures I will post, hopefully this weekend.

Until next time...(since I am not sure if it will be weekly right now...)


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