Monday, September 14

So Close I Can Taste It (no pun intended)

I weighed myself before I was to go in for my scheduled fill. I had gained .8 this last week. Being at home is more difficult then I realized. I do not have my set schedule for my meals like I did while I was working. I do however have enough work around the house to keep me busy but that does not always stop me from snacking.

I went in on Thursday for my 4th fill. I think I am so close to my sweet spot that I can almost taste it! According to their records I lost 4 pounds for the month. They were very pleased with that. They gave me another .4 fill. My total is 6.3 now. I asked the nurse what the average fill was and she said that in all the time that she had been there that she had not seen anyone go more than 7.0.

She also provided me a new “tool” that they are going to give all patients. It was a measuring cup, a ½ cup to be exact. When we were talking she asked me if that was the amount of food I was eating at one meal…hmmm…NO. I said I was eating like 3 of those easily, if not more to be honest!

My current goal is to start really paying attention to my “time” when I eat. They suggest that you only eat your meal for 20 minutes. That is suppose to give your brain enough time to catch up with what you have eaten and tells yourself that you are full. They also suggest that you eat a bit and then wait for 1 minute before you take another bit.

My next project before I start my new job is to clean out my closet! That is once I am done with all my other “projects”!

Until Thursday…


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