Sunday, September 20

Finally, time to post

Let's get to the nitty gritty. I lost one pound this week so my total is 35 POUNDS!! I also went in on Friday for a fill and lost 5 pounds this month on their scale. The physicians assistant and I decided to forgo a fill this month. I feel that those last couple of weeks of busy season I got out of touch with my stomach. I was eating when I shouldn't and was making bad choices so I want a month to figure out if I really need another one. I am sure I will but we shall see. The good thing is that if I decide I need one, I can call and they will fit me in so it is not like I have to go another month.

On to busy season (yes this will be a looonnngggg post). When I compare this one to my busy seasons in the past, I know I was less stressed. I can tell you when the stress hit I got tighter! I had read that could happen and I know for me it will. I was definitely making poor choices but I was not doing that everyday or else I would not have lost any weight. I feel that overall I did pretty well but there is definitely room for improvement. We were ordering out for lunch and dinner so it was somewhat difficult to eat what I should have been. I was also eating way too long and need to cut that back to 30 minutes.

I did find that this busy season I physically felt better. I did not get that absolute exhausted feeling until the last week. I did have to bump up my caffeine intake but I still did not get anywhere near the levels I would ingest before. For me, I feel that is a big step forward! I quit biking about two weeks before the deadline and I need to start that up again. The doctor wants you to exercise and I know it helps me overall so I plan on getting back to it.

On to clothes, Avenue finally got in their black pants so I was able to buy some that actually fit. I have gone down two sizes since the surgery and was elated to find them. I wear black pants to work pretty much everyday since it has been so long since I felt comfortable in anything else. I am looking forward to being able to buy clothes in a "normal" store. I might just buy something other than black :)

While at the aftercare center, the PA mentioned they have two goals for banded patients. One, to lose 35% of your excess weight in six months. Second, to lose 50% of your excess weight in a year. She mentioned I am on track for both. She said they check on it so that if you are struggling, they can address it and get you back on track. She also gave me a cup that holds 1/2 cup of food and told me this should be my entire meal. Of course, I told her I go by the 4-6 ounces of protein and she admitted that 6 ounces of protein would be more than 1/2 cup. She said it was a guide and a visual cue to help us not overeat. I will certainly start putting my food in there before I put it on my plate. However, I am not going to fret if I eat more than that. My main goal is to get 60 grams of protein a day. I find that if I focus on that, everything else falls into place.

So all in all, it was an interesting last couple of weeks. I can tell you that this is the fifth busy season in the 12 years (24 seasons) I have been doing taxes that I did not gain weight. I know that one day the no weight gain seasons will be larger than the weight gain seasons! All that really matters is that every pound off is adding more minutes, hours and days to my life. I have such a wonderful life I don't want to leave it before I am good and ready!!!


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