Friday, May 29

Finally Satisfied

I have officially logged my weight loss in a nice neat chart. I started this chart the week I started with the pre-op diet. I guess technically the first week (5/14-5/21) I lost 3.6 pound (5/21-5/28) I lost 6.1 (one week after being "banded")! So since I started this journey, 9.7 pounds gone! I am very happy with that!

Last night I was struggling with the fact that I was not feeling "satisfied". I started thinking I needed to have a "fill" already. Is this possible, I am not scheduled for my first "fill" until June 18th!

Today was the first time I started eating "mushy" food. Much to my surprise after my cup of soup for lunch and a 1/2 baked potato (which I could not eat all of), I was satisfied! That is a great feeling. I was not "stuffed" and I did not feel sick, just happy to feel satisfied.

I know I will continue to struggle with drinking while I eat or drinking too much water (yes that is my favorite beverage of choice) too soon/after my meal. But in time I will be fine.

I am very happy with the choice I made to get the Lap Band. Yes, the first few days were hard but I only have the future ahead of me and I looking forward to what my future holds!


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Liz Carey said...

I am so happy that you are getting to a place where you are excited about what your future holds. I love you!!!

I am so proud of you and Loree. What a journey. Thanks for sharing it with us.....