Friday, May 22

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Emily and I have been best friends going on 9 years. We have both struggled with our weight so many years. We have done all the diets, all the plans and finally decided that lapband was the way to go for us. We considered having this procedure for two years and just this spring circumstances arose for us to have it done. So on Thursday, May, 21st early in the morning we both had the surgery. Emily went first (well she is 5 months older than me) and I went right after. We thought a blog about our experiences with the band and our journey would be beneficial for our family and friends. We appreciate all the support we have received from everyone.


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lindajohnson2002 said...

Hi girls, I am Emily's Aunt Linda. For you all, I wish for you complete healing. I am so proud of you Emily! and you should be proud of yourself. As you know I had my gastric by-pass in August, 2006. It takes a lot of guts to have this surgery, whichever one you have. It helps me to rub my belly up and down when I have gas, pain... The blog idea is great!! Your friendship is stunning to witness. You guys keep it up!!