Friday, December 18

Playing Catch Up

(I wrote this 4 weeks ago…I will get caught up someday!)
So it has been 2 months since my last fill. I lost 11.6 pounds these last two months! It was a very informative appointment. My total “excess” weight is 95.5 pounds! OUCH, that kind of hurts to put that out there. The goal is to loose 1/3 (31.5 %) of your excess weight by your 6 month anniversary, it is just around the corner. I have lost 32.6%! I am feeling so good lately and I know it is because of my weight loss. To date I have lost 37.1 pounds.

There are several physical changes as well. My wedding ring is too big but I will not get it resized until am at the point where I need to be with my weight. I have gone from a size 24 to a size 16. I really need to purchase some essentials; my bra and panties are looking ridicules on me now! I am trying not to go shopping that much because I know the size I purchase will only be temporary. Todd and Grace are looking forward to me purchasing clothes that actually fit me. Todd asked me not to purchase clothes that look like a potato sack anymore and Grace would love for me to wear fancier clothes. Crossing my legs is an automatic thing for me now. There is something about being able to do it comfortably now.

Short term goals for me right now are to eat for 20 minutes a meal, to take a bite every 60 minutes instead of back to back. Exercise. Loose another 12.9 pounds before the New Year.

Here is the picture of me cleaning out my closet as well as the 9 trash bags of clothes I had to get rid of. To be honest, I probably have another bag of clothes to get rid of too!

{having issues...will add later}

A few experiences that I had while I was in Austin…

Trash Cans

So I experienced for the first time, needing to quickly find somewhere to get sick after lunch. I had gotten sick in the restaurant and made it to the bathroom in plenty of time. So I thought I would be just fine to leave. No need to stick around just to use the bathroom. As we start to walk down the street, I get the feeling! I am looking frantically for a place that I can run into to use their bathroom. Don't forget this is down town Austin and everyone locks their bathrooms around here! Well the next best thing was a nice big, green, stinky trash can. Thank goodness I let everyone walk ahead of me so only a select few strangers had to actually witness it!

3rd person I have seen today...

So this shirt is on my back for the last time! I was walking out of the bathroom and a woman who works on the same floor said "You are the third person I have seen on this floor that is pregnant!" (I can only confirm one since we work in the same office and she is due in 2 months) I just smiled and said, "Yep, it must be in the water". I wonder how far along she thought I looked. I came into the office and I knew Trudy would be honest. I asked her, if looking at me from the side, if I looked pregnant. She said “yeah, that shirt is way too big on you.”

So see you later shirt, you have been good to me but it is time we part ways!

PS, these jeans have to go too! I can not stand them falling off my waist anymore!

Here is a picture of Loree and I at the Pink concert in September

Until next time

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