Monday, December 7

Experiencing being too tight

Life has been pretty busy. Since my last post I am happy to report that I reached 50 pounds lost!!!! I am currently 51.9 down which is fantastic.

I got a fill of .4 on November 12th. I fought with it for three weeks before finally deciding that it was too much and I needed some taken out. So last Tuesday on December 1st I had them take .2cc out leaving me with 5.2cc in a 10cc band. It was astonishing how much better I felt after taking that little bit out. Being too tight was not fun and I was having trouble getting enough nutrition. I certainly don't want to compromise my health which is why I went for an unfill. The whole point of the lapband was not just to lose weight but to get healthy!

I also had to clean on my closet again. I gave away summer clothes which were too big. I also got rid of some pants. All in all I am happy to be able to shop in my old clothes.

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