Wednesday, August 5

Lessons learned

I would like to think I am learning my lesson but then again I do have a thick head! Since my fill two weeks ago I have had some "aha" moments.

1. I definitely have what they call "First Bite Syndrome". The first one to two bites are always too big and I start to PB (productive burp). I am working on taking it smaller and slower but I imagine that will be a battle for a long time.

2. If I thought I chewed enough before this fill I was nuts. Now I find that I have to count to 50 while chewing or I will pay.

3. I am learning to really listen to my tummy. When I start to notice the excess saliva in my mouth I know it is time to quit. That is my trigger for I am full.

4. Coffee is okay if you put enough splenda in it. Through all my years in public accounting working crazy hours, living through a newborn and just generally running myself to exhaustion I NEVER would drink coffee. These days I have a cup in the morning. It helps to wake up and warm up my tummy for my water. I think when I mentioned this to mom she almost fell out of her chair :)

5. Ice water is not in the cards for me anymore in the morning. I have always enjoyed my water ice cold. Now I just can't before lunch and only put 2 or 3 cubes in there so it does not get hot. I never thought that would happen.

So those are the lessons I have learned since fill No 2. Till tomorrow!


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